Get Ready

Our venue is the 3D virtual immersive environment accessed by a computer or laptop (not a Smartphone or Tablet).

You are represented on screen as an avatar who is your virtual person.

You can log in any time and look around and practice moving your avatar. The island is open 24/7 every day.

Download FREE software (600Mb)

For Windows or Mac

Not available for smartphones or tablets

This page has help for installing.

Register to get your FREE avatar

Dress your avatar

Test your audio

Setting things up:Use the Gears Menu (Top right)Choose Mic SettingsIf you have any issues with speaking or hearing, ask the Concierge in VirBela for help or go to theUltimate Guide to Microphone Issues v2.4.2.0

Join in 22 August

9:00am Meet up and Mingle, Tour of VirBela, Scavenger Hunt

9:30 Opening and sessions start.

Get a FREE ticket on


Prep your snacks & lunch and a easy to grab dinner (or pre-order takeaway to be delivered)

ready for the breaks

Log in early & mingle or

take the tour or start the Scavenger Hunt (to win prizes)

Get your seat in the Auditorium by 9:25

Sneak Peak

Take a sneak peak at the venue

Download FREE software

Take a boat ride

all the way around the island

Check out the beach

and the lighthouse

Help is available in VirBela

and the Concierge can help you test your mic